Director of Loss Prevention Program

DeFatta & Associates, LLC offers our corporate and business clients a Director of Loss Prevention (DLP) program. Our DLP program helps companies prevent losses caused by internal thefts, poor customer service, bad business practices, and other issues through the early detection and elimination of the problems.

TX License Number  A26290901

LA License Number 3333-080197-LA

Details About Our Director of Loss Prevention Services

The DLP program allows the client to purchase loss prevention services, such as investigative shops, security & safety audits, inventory checks, delivery route surveillance, cash register audits, and other investigative techniques, as needed. These services are purchased on a monthly basis and tailored to meet the client’s needs. For one low monthly fee, your company can have the benefits of employing a full-time Loss Prevention Professional who works when and where you need them. Please contact us today if you would like more details on how to enroll your company in this program designed to help you protect your business from fraud and other losses.

Employee Theft

Business Related Investigative Services

Our firm offers a variety of investigative services designed to help our client protect their businesses from fraud and theft of all types.

Complex Embezzlement & Fraud Cases

Using a variety of investigative techniques and fraud assessment reviews of your company records and data, we can identify even the most complex embezzlement. Often businesses suffer losses for many months or even years due to thefts committed by trusted employees. These types of thefts can be found in payroll records, expense accounts, customer accounts, vendor accounts, or any other area of your business that provides an opportunity for someone looking to take advantage of your business.

 Employee Integrity Testing & Monitoring

We can conduct investigations designed to identify employees looking to take advantage of opportunities that occur naturally within your business. Opportunity to steal will sometimes tempt employees who have a need for extra money, or who feel the extra money is justifiable for some reason. By providing employees with an opportunity to take advantage of your business, like when a customer pays with cash and does not request a receipt, we can identify these thefts early. We use covert cameras and provide detailed reports so that the results of our investigations are clear. This type of testing can also be used to deter thefts and quickly identify any bad employees.

Investigative Shopping:

Using covert cameras, our agents pose as customers to offer you an opportunity to view your business as your customers do. We can combine this investigative technique with our integrity testing to quickly identify problem employees and other concerns within your business.

Supply Chain or Delivery Surveillance:

When your employees operate company vehicles, we can help monitor their activities to ensure their actions represent your business the way you expect. We can quickly identify potential liability concerns by monitoring the employee’s driving and interactions with your customers. We can also identify unauthorized stops or delivery locations that may indicate a theft problem.


Fraud Prevention Services:

Insider Threat & Fraud Risk Analysis

By conducting on-site inspections and reviews of your current procedures and internal controls, we are able to identify potential risks to your company. Recommendations are then made to help you determine the best way for you to reduce your exposure to these risks.

 Fraud Awareness Training

We provide fraud awareness training to owners, managers, supervisors, or employees. This training is tailored to fit your company’s needs and designed to raise awareness and prevent fraud within your business. Studies have shown that fraud training is one of the best ways for business owners to ensure all employees understand what is expected of them and what the company’s position is on fraud.

 Fraud Tip Line

Studies have shown that a fraud tip line is one of the best ways of detecting fraud within your business. Employees will often use this resource to report concerns when they will not directly report the issue out of fear of retaliation. DeFatta & Associates, LLC is proud to offer our business clients access to our toll-free fraud tip line that allows your employees to leave an anonymous tip regarding any type of fraud or concern they may have with your company. If a tip is received, we then report the details to the appropriate person at your business and work with you to investigate the allegation.

TSCM (Bug Sweep) Services:

DeFatta & Associates, LLC offers professional-level Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) investigations and bug sweeps. Whether you are negotiating new contracts, going through civil litigation, or suspect that your home or business is being monitored, it is imperative that you ensure your information, conversations, and activities remain secure from unauthorized eavesdropping that can jeopardize a court case or damage the future of your business.

Our investigators are trained and equipped with the most up-to-date investigative practices and technologies to handle any type of bug sweeping problem. You can rest assured that DeFatta & Associates, LLC will utilize the most advanced bug detection practices to provide you with the safest and most private environment at home or at your business.

Other Investigative Services Offered:

Security & Safety Evaluations

We conduct onsite inspections and reviews of your current security and risk management practices to identify any safety or security concerns. These reviews area designed to identify potential safety hazards, OSHA or other code violations, or weaknesses in your current security. We then work with you to correct issues and strengthen your overall security and loss prevention programs.

Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation Investigations:

Our surveillance investigations are conducted using the latest in camera technology and surveillance techniques. We offer investigations into worker’s compensation and personal injury claims throughout Louisiana. We provide detailed written reports, and our investigators are experienced in court testimony. With our internet-based case management system, our clients are able to securely log in from any computer with internet access to view video and other case updates. In most cases, video and case updates are posted to the files within 48 hours after the surveillance is completed.

Witness Screening and Background Investigations:

We offer on-site research of court records in every parish in Louisiana. We also have other resources using the internet and other public databases to access records as needed. We also specialize in conducting detailed searches and due diligence investigations as well as comprehensive open-source intelligence research. We can provide you with a complete overview and detailed analysis of an individual or business.  

Process Service

We provide process service and court filing of papers when and where you need it. Our associates specialize in finding and serving those hard-to-find individuals who may have moved or who are avoiding service.