Infidelity & Child Custody Surveillance

We conduct surveillance and other investigations to determine a person’s true activities and who they are spending time with. We can obtain and document the evidence you need for court or just to satisfy your personal needs. We provide detailed reports with photographs and video when appropriate. We conduct each case within the boundaries of the law to ensure your evidence is useful in court if needed.

We can also assist in finding assets your estranged spouse may be hiding or assist in analyzing your financial records to determine the true value of your community assets.

Employee Theft

Fraud & Identify Theft Investigations

Whether you’re a victim of a household employee stealing or involved in a complex fraud involving a family trust we can help. Individuals often are a victim of identity theft or other frauds often associated with businesses. We specialize in all types of fraud investigations.

Employee Theft

Background Investigations

If you are in need of a background investigation on someone you are hiring, going into business with, or for some other reason, we can help. We conduct in-depth and detailed investigations to identify any type of criminal or civil court cases, and much more. We can assist in finding assets or other information that you have a legal right to obtain. Many of our resources require licenses or other credentials to access and in many cases are much more detailed than those available to the general public. We can assist you with all of your background and personal research investigations.

Adoption Research & Parent Locates

We have helped many people find their birth parents and relatives. We will work with you to determine what information you have or know and assist in gathering additional facts that can lead to the identity of biological birth parents and other family members you may not even know you have.

Ancestry and Family Research

We can assist in documenting your family heritage or help you uncover new family you don’t even know about yet. We can also help reconnect you with estranged family members or lost loved ones.

Romance & Internet Fraud Scams:

Unfortunately, there are people in this world who will take advantage of others and it is often in your best interest to verify the identity and personal character of someone you met online or even in person. We can assist in trying to determine the true identity of, or verify any information you are provided by someone you have communicated with online or in person. Using complex database research and other investigative techniques we can help verify information or the true intentions of anyone you are currently or plan to have any type of relationship with.

Bug Sweeps (TSCM) & Cell Phone Investigations

We provide professional electronic countermeasure investigations to uncover hidden cameras and spying devices that may be in your home or business. If you suspect someone is invading your privacy we can help. We conduct electronic bug sweeps (TSCM investigations) of homes, offices, vehicles, and cellular phones. We can assist with all of your bug sweep needs. Our services range from camera inspections to full TSCM investigations.

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Comprehensive Open-Source Intelligence Research

Whether you need information on someone you are personally involved with or considering going into business with someone, our in-depth research can help you make informed decisions. We can conduct a full comprehensive background investigation and lifestyle analysis on an individual or business.