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Criminal Defense Investigations

We conduct investigations to assist in the defense of those accused of criminal activity. This involves not only evaluating the credibility of witnesses but also delving deep into the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime. Through thorough interviews, background checks, and forensic analysis, investigators aim to identify inconsistencies, biases, or overlooked details that could cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

Witness testimony often forms the cornerstone of a prosecutor’s argument. However, eyewitnesses may be unreliable due to factors such as stress, poor visibility, or suggestive questioning. Moreover, witnesses can be influenced by personal biases or external pressures, leading to inaccurate or embellished accounts of events. By meticulously examining witness statements and corroborating evidence, private investigators can uncover discrepancies that raise doubts about the accuracy and credibility of testimony.

In addition to scrutinizing witness testimony, our investigators focus on the physical evidence presented in court. This may involve conducting forensic analysis, reconstructing crime scenes, or consulting experts in various fields. By meticulously examining DNA evidence, fingerprints, or other forensic clues, investigators aim to identify potential weaknesses or alternative explanations that challenge the prosecution’s narrative.

Furthermore, we delve into the backgrounds of key individuals involved in the case, including both the accused and the alleged victims. This comprehensive background check can reveal crucial information, such as prior criminal records, motives, or conflicting interests. By uncovering relevant details about the parties involved, investigators can provide defense attorneys with valuable insights that may sway the outcome of the trial.

Reasonable doubt investigations.

Uncover Resonable Doubt

In cases where the accused maintains their innocence, we will work tirelessly to uncover exculpatory evidence that supports their claims. This may involve locating alibi witnesses, retrieving surveillance footage, or uncovering overlooked leads. By piecing together a comprehensive picture of the events in question, our investigators aim to create reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors and secure acquittals for their clients.

Moreover, we cans play a vital role in challenging the prosecution’s narrative and presenting alternative theories of the crime. By conducting thorough investigations and consulting with experts in various fields, our investigators can assist the defense team in constructing compelling arguments that challenge the prosecution’s version of events. This strategic approach not only raises doubts about the guilt of the accused but also highlights weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.


Criminal Defense Investigations

Our Investigative Process

We conduct our criminal defense and post-conviction investigations using a step-by-step process to ensure no stone is left unturned. Our process includes: 

A Systematic Review of the Case File

Documentation of All Relevant Individuals and Events

 Witness Interviews

Comprehensive Background Investigations

Detailed Review of the Crime Scene

Report of Investigative Findings